FAQ - Online eksamen i Teams

FAQ - Online eksamen I Microsoft teams

Her finder du svar på en række af de spørgsmål, der er blevet rejst af andre bedømmere f.eks. under webinarne. 

Opdateret: 14. maj 2020

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    1. Can I see two rooms at the same time?

    It is not possible to see two rooms at the same time.


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    2. How many pictures (of participants) does Microsoft Teams support?

    Currently it only shows the active video for the last 4 people that have spoken in the meeting (chat). On the bottom bar it shows icons for all those in the chat.

    But Microsoft are in the final stages of testing the update to view nine participants simultaneously, and have begun rolling out to external customers, but it has NOT reach everyone in the public ring yet.

    For more information about this feature.

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    3. Can we record the exam?

    Recording is not allowed during an exam.

    Find the regulations on online exams here

    Recording is an option, but it is very important that you stop it if, for example, a student starts recording during the exam.

    Although to start recording, go to the meeting controls and select More options  -->  Start recording.

    Everyone in the meeting is notified that recording has started and is posted to the chat history.

    To stop recording, go to the meeting controls and select More options --> Stop recording.

    The recording is then processed (which could take a while) and saved to Microsoft Stream, and then it’s ready to play.

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    4. How can I see who has access to each channel in Microsoft Teams?

    To view who has access to each channel, go to manage channel.


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    5. How do I see who is participating in my meeting?


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    6. Where do I find the meeting chat?

    To find the chat, go to the meeting controls and select Show conversation (Speech balloon)

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    7. Can the content of the chat be copied?

    All content shared in the chat can be copied.

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    8.How do I call students in to a meeting one student at a time?


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